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Pulse Football Agents are Registered Lawyers under The FA Football Agents Regulations RLS 1579.


Pulse Football Agents provide a unique service for all Professional Football Managers and Football Coaches. At Pulse we fully understand the pressure to attain consistent results throughout the season. When results are not going your way then you will possibly face termination of your contract or it will not be renewed.


When things go well the rewards can be massive. Anyone who is involved at this level of the game knows how addictive it can be. It brings great pleasure to managers and coaches to see players improve and reach their true potential. A career in coaching can bring the greatest of job satisfaction.


What is the job of Football Manager and Football Coach?


Life as a Football Manager or full time coach goes way beyond the medals and trophies attained by your teams. You have to become the supreme strategist, psychiatrist, media agent and motivational coach as well. Working under this kind of pressure is not for everyone.

Without a doubt a good manager or coach needs as many life skills as he can get.


It is not all glory to say the least. Being out in all weathers and dealing with fractious players and fans can be a total nightmare...but in the end its worth all the effort.


For all these reasons and many more managers and coaches need quality representation just like players. Pulse will provide the help you need when you need it. We will provide the protection at the right time. Even if you think you are safe from all the legal issues right now it is still good to review your legal standing and position.


Negotiations and Your Contract


Pulse will negotiate on every aspect of your contract making sure that you get the very best deal. Letting us navigate the legal issues will give you real peace of mind.


If you are between contracts and looking for a new opening then call us to talk through the options.


When dealing with detailed contracts involving sports law it is wise to seek advice prior to signing the contract.