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How to Get Motivated

Motivation has become a popular word nowadays. There are motivational coaches and speakers, and motivational books and articles. What is it actually, and why do you need it?


Motivation is a driving force. In order to accomplish anything, you need a driving force, otherwise nothing will happen. A wish is not strong enough to make you take action. A wish is a weak desire. Only a strong desire can drive forward, to act and accomplish aims and goals.


In order to get motivated, you need to know exactly what it is that you want, to possess a strong desire, and to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.


More than often there is lack of motivation or only a short-lived one. How many times have you started enthusiastically on a project only to stop after a short while? Few people possess enough willpower and self-discipline to go through to the end with what they begin.


It easier to show motivation in connection with a subject that is dear to you, like football. If you desire something, but you don't feel motivated enough to act, this means that the desire is not important enough. To be motivated to take action and do something in respect to your desire, you need to possess a really strong desire.


Motivation has much to do with the emotions and the imagination, which means that if you want to increase it, you have to work on your feelings and imagination.


Tips to increase your motivation:


1. Think, meditate and find out whether you really want to achieve your desire, and whether it is worth the effort and time.


2. Make your goal very clear. Writing it down will help.


3. Think often about your goal or desire.


4. Visualize your goal as already accomplished, and close your mind to contrary thoughts.


5. Read books or articles about the subject of your goal.


6. Read about people who have achieved success.


7. Think often about the benefits you will gain by achieving your goal.


8. Visualize, and think about how you would feel after achieving your goal.


9. Repeat positive affirmations such as: "I have the desire and inner strength to achieve my goal to be a professional footballer". Repeat this affirmation often, with faith and strong feelings.


10. Start with doing something small concerning your goal. Success in small things leads to greater success.


Motivation is the powerful engine that moves you towards success and accomplishments in every area.

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