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John is a busy man, so if you have questions, why not look at the FAQs page before you talk to him?

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A/. To represent you in negotiation. If the Club approaches you directly you are at a huge disadvantage immediately. They have all the power. It is like going into Court without representation. You may struggle to understand the procedings. The club is not acting with your best intrests in mind, they only want whats best for them!  Get professional advice.

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A/. We understand the game better than any other agents. We are very respected in the professional game and we have the contacts to get you into clubs for trials. But only at a level in accordance with your playing ability and experience. It is far better to play football and learn your trade at a lower level by playing games than be sitting on a bench somewhere higher. This provides a forum for managers and coaches to watch your development and see your potential.



A/. Because he is already in a unique position to negotiate contracts on your behalf because that is what lawyers do. He has more power with the Club and it’s officials because of his professional standing and regulation. One Club Chairman opened up completely when he knew we were lawyers because we are bound by player confidentiality. He knows we are less likely to discuss issues with the press and we will adopt a more formal stance in negotiation and cover everything in correspondence.

A/. Yes. We are Registered Agents and Solicitors with the FA under the FA Football Agents Regulations RLS 1579 / RLF 1585


We are Registered Solicitors with the (SRA) Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA Number 569010 and Company Number 8003033





A/. Because we love the game and we understand it in an era where so few do. This site has been praised by managers, coaches and players throughout the Country for the forthright approach in addressing issues with the modern game. Football in this country needs a revolution. We hope to be the catalyst. You don’t believe us? Sceptical? Call and ask us our views and why we think the way that we do. We have passion, love of country and technical knowledge. That’s what sets us apart from anyone else!




A/. We charge 10% of your signing fee and your gross salary. BUT ONLY if we get you into a Football League Club. This is standard in the industry.


We charge a fee because of the time expended preparing the Contract, watching you play and improving you on a 1 to 1 basis. Many of our Clients are lower League players with masses of potential but have no idea how to “tap” into it and do not have the necessary contacts. They are disillusioned and have fallen out of love with the game. We can help you! We want players who really want it and are prepared to pay the price. 

What we don’t do is get you to sign up and then put the contract in a drawer only turning up when you have produced 3 world class performances! Be prepared to work hard!


1/. Fully Qualified LegalRepresentation by a Registered Football Agent, Solicitor and Football Consultancy.


2/. You get the benefit of contacts in the game that we have built up over many years experience who trust our judgement on football matters.


3/. We regularly hold our own trial games against professional teams to assess your playing ability.


4/. We will work with you on improvements and then recommend you for trials.


5/. We will watch you and monitor your improvement whilst we work with you on a 1 to 1 basis.


This we believe is what sets us apart from other agents. In short we know the game! We have done coaching courses, managed, scouted and worked for world renowned managers on contract negotiation. We are respected and above all trusted in a game riddled with untrustworthy people who haven’t got a clue! If you doubt our knowledge just call! Follow us on Twitter and see the positivity that we generate. We are a business and we make “no bones” about it! But we are here to help! Don’t die wondering!

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Q/. Why are Pulse Football Agents Different?


A/. We are not just agents. We are Consultants. We will work with you to achieve your goal. We only want players who are prepared to work and who want it. Not just lip service either. Really want it. If you are not committed to hard work don’t bother. We are that experienced we will assess your playing ability, analyse your weaknesses and discuss your strengths. Then we work with you on a self improvement programme. Wherever possible we will watch you play. We will help you improve technically, physically and mentally.