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How else are we going to get to know you? We need you to tell us how great you are! You need to show us how much you want to be on our team!

John Salmon is the guy you need to talk to. He's available to talk with you about your future in football.

John is a busy man, so if you have questions, why not look at the FAQs page before you talk to him?

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Roll up that map (of Europe): it will not be wanted these ten years’. William Pitt the Younger after hearing about Napoleon’s victory at the Battle of Austerlitz. Napoleon and the French were going to dominate Europe for a long time! Now it's the Spanish...


We know how he felt having watched the Spanish national side win the 2008 World Cup and the 2012 European Championships. It is obvious that our own national team whilst being strong in character and physique is nowhere near up to the high standards of technical ability and tactical knowledge of the world’s top teams. We are anxious to change things. We are committed to making a difference. There are signs that the authorities that govern the English football are finally realising that something is fundamentally wrong with our game from the grass roots level upwards. (Please read Fifteen Reasons Why We Cannot Win the World Cup)



We simply have to embrace change. We are looking to help develop good technical footballers who have been disillusioned with the game because they have been told they lack the physical attributes to become professional or semi-professional players.



We are looking for good characters who are prepared to work hard and make the sacrifices necessary and to persist so that they can obtain a route into the professional game. We are looking for players who are playing well below their technical ability but are prepared to listen as our dedicated team of professionals are prepared to asses their football playing ability and their lifestyle whilst analysing them critically with a view to establishing a long term plan to achieve success.



We want players of 18+ capable of playing at the highest level in the English Premier League down to the Blue Square Conference North or South Level. If you are a youth player (under 18) we cannot help directly but please click on the link below and somebody will be in contact with you in due course.



In short, have you got what it takes? If you think you have then phone our free phone number for an initial discussion and assessment of your footballing ability.


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