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You Can Achieve Any Goal!


Let’s look at a few simple ways to achieve any goal.

In this instance the goal for you is to reach a higher level in your footballing career. However, this information can apply to any goal that you may have in life. We know is that many goals that we set ourselves are not easy to achieve. In fact they can be hard to achieve and that’s why we have not reached them...yet.


Giving Up


We also know how easy it can be to just give up on a goal.

All the greats in any walk of life, sporting or business,  have one thing in common, they don’t give up on their goal…Ever.

Yes, they may have had many challenges along the way, but the focus never changed. To attain your goal will need the same attitude as the great ones have shown in the past. Think about some of the greatest footballers you have heard of over the last 40 years. Did many of them come from privileged backgrounds? No, far from it. Many had to tough it out on the hard road to success. Your path may be the same and believe it or not, it may not be football that you succeed in. It may well be in some other field or endeavour that you find your path to success. But one thing is for sure, you have to want it and you have to go out and get it. Only you can do this, no one else can do it for you.


How to get it


So, how do you get it? This part can be very simple when you understand it.

Let’s say that to get match fit you have to lose some weight. You may think the best way to losing weight is to change your life style by changing the way you eat, and then you start working out more and going to the gym. You may find this path quite hard, but it’s not the only way to achieve your goal.


The best way to approach this would be to increase the activity that you “least hate” when it comes to losing weight and getting fit to play.  Let’s say that you are eating too many fatty foods, and it’s very difficult to stop, but you only “slightly hate” training each day.

The first and easier task for you would be to start training more often.  So getting into the work out mode is the first thing to do in this situation.

If you start to train more, say for two or more hours a day, that positive approach to your fitness would eventually make you to change your diet (your diet being the harder of the two tasks).


Why would this work?


That’s simple… you are not  going to spend two to three hours a day in the gym or out training, without eventually thinking about your eating habits; look at it this way, are you willing to waste that kind of time? Training every day two to three hours and then eating badly? That wouldn’t make any sense at all.

In this example, the positive action (training) and the over-execution of one task is making it much easier to do another task that would otherwise be very difficult to perform. Working on the positive (training) beats down the negative (poor eating).


Is it easy to do?


By now as a footballer you will have realised that nothing worth doing in life is going to be easy. It is not going to be easy to motivate yourself to train and work out in the gym for two or three hours each day, but it will put you in a better position to reach your goal.

This method can give you the power to make real changes in your life, no matter what you want. By working harder on the positive you can change the course of your life not just your footballing career.

So, start today and perform the task that you “least dislike”, a positive one. Make the commitment to work at the task two to three hours each day and soon the task that you “most hate” will be easy to achieve. You will have attained your goal and that will feel fantastic.