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Pulse Football Agents  RLS 1579 / RLF 1585 are in the perfect position to offer advice to football players and clubs upon the FA Regulations, employment law, contracts, disputes, rights and responsibilities. It is worth noting that the FA requires Players and Clubs to use a licensed agent or a registered solicitor when dealing with transfers and contracts.


As Football Agents and Solicitors we provide confidential and independent advice. It is our prime objective to provide the very best of service to all of our clients.

Players and Clubs can be assured that the very best of advice will be provided whether it is in career development or management.


Why are we the best? Because we as agents and representatives understand and have coached the game. You will be assessed from a playing and mental perspective and set a self improvement programme. But only if we think you are good enough! This is what makes us unique.


Managers and teams simply do not have the time or resources (or the knowledge in the main) to work on a one to one basis. Everything is results driven and delivered in a fast-food like format. Good players are developed and nurtured over time. The mental side to sport in football is hardly covered, if at all. Sportsmen need a positive mental attitude! Negativity purely on its own can be so destructive. We provide an analysis leading to constructive criticism identifying a player's strengths and weaknesses. Many players are not shining because neither they nor their coaches  know their best position. Incredible! This is the knowledge we certainly possess and it has been acquired through years of playing and watching football.


This requires frank discussion. Whilst we demand that you do as we ask it is within reason. Spirited debate, discussion and different points of view are the cornerstone of every business and player-coach relationship. We have a common purpose. To make you a better player! Last season we contacted a player who we felt had the aptitude to play at a higher level. He was simply underachieving for his ability level. He was a Conference north player who had scored 17 goals the previous season for a team that was relegated. Having contacted him and his agreeing to do the work necessary he scored 44 League goals in 42 games (13 clear in his division for a team that finished 8th)! This made him the top League goal scorer in the country. Only Lionel Messi beat him in Europe! This player was rewarded with an offer of a Contract with a Scottish Premier League club.

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John Salmon Ll.B (Hons) Registered Lawyer under The FA Football Agents Regulations RLS 1579

John is considered by many as one of the most influential agents in English football today. He is often invited to express his views on the state of the English game by the media.

His "no holds barred" approach to the game and frank comments have earned him the respect of some of the countrys greatest footballing minds.

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Paul Ford Registered Lawyer under The FA Football Agents Regulations RLF 1585. Paul has dealt with many contractual negotiations. In addition, Paul through his work as a Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate has successfully dealt with a number of motoring and disciplinary matters coupled with mitigation issues.